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System Building Services provide, advise on and install a full range of air sealing services and products to ensure a building is thoroughly secured. This can be part of a complete passive fire protection solution or as a stand alone service.

Reduced carbon emissions & energy consumption

  • Offering an airtightness
    & sealing
    testing service

CompliANCE with the latest regulations & legislation

Recent changes to building regulations concerning carbon emissions and conservation of fuel and power require that buildings maintain air tightness. Air tightness is classified by the amount of resistance the building has with regards to the amount of air which enters or exits the building. If the building is poorly air sealed it leads to added energy consumption, heat loss and uncomfortable internal conditions. In addition, the products within the building suffer due to condensation, mould and decay leading to further maintenance costs.

We can implement a variety of products and methods to ensure that a building is tightly air sealed. By adopting a specific approach to each building, we always ensure that all air sealing measures are taken for both the inside and outside of the building. To further assist clients, System Building Services provide an airtightness and sealing testing service that measures the resistance of the building envelope to inward and outward air leakage. Our expert team identify the root cause of any air leakage across the building envelope and advise on a range of solutions prior to sealing phase. We provide initial inspections and surveys, carry out all necessary works and deliver final air integrity tests whilst ensuring the building complies with the latest regulations and legislation.

System Building Services are fully capable of providing air sealing at refurbishment stage, new build stage or the retrofit of buildings currently in use. By sealing the building using fire stopping products, we can guarantee the fire integrity of the building whilst optimising the air conditions to lower fuel bills and emissions plus prevent internal damage to the building.

Air Sealing - 
Sky Central, Osterley

System Building Services Limited carried out all structural fire stopping in the floors and walls having completed diamond drilling and the appropriate cables and pipes had been fitted. In accordance with BS K41 we carried out all air sealing both above and under the raised floors.