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System Building Services provide, advise on and install a full range of cementitious products and coatings. The products remain a relatively inexpensive material for fireproofing a vast range of facilities and meet the latest regulations and legislation.

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CompliANCE with latest regulations & legislation

Cementitious fire protection is usually spray applied in several successive layers using specialist equipment to protect structural steel or concrete from the effects of fire. Cementitious material is produced by mixing it with water to create a uniform slurry mix that is then pumped to a nozzle and sprayed directly onto the substrate. This method allows the fire protection material to follow the contours of the structure and fill hard-to-reach gaps.

Cementitious material contains binders of gypsum or cement that form a strong and durable coating when mixed with water. Due to high binder content, cementitious materials exhibit higher bond strengths than other products such as sprayed fibre meaning they bond better with the substrate.

Air erosion is a common problem in maintaining the fire integrity of the building, it is defined as the amount of material that is removed by the movement of air across the surface of the material. Again, due to higher binder content and bond strength, cementitious formulations create strong and long-term solutions that are minimally affected by air movement.

System Building Services offer a comprehensive cementitious service and can assist clients from the early stages with product selection and work planning. We have installed cementitious products for many years and our engineering teams have the expertise to deliver optimum, cost effective solutions that comply with all the latest regulations and legislation.

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