Computer Aided Design


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System Building Services utilise the latest in computer design software. We offer a full design service to support clients from the outset whether this is as consultants or contractors undertaking the final work.

MAXIMISING project efficiencies FROM INCEPTION

ENGAGING US EARLY TO AVOID rectification works


Clients will always benefit form early stage expertise in the design phase of the project and we can deliver major cost savings and project efficiencies through supplying the passive fire protection design work at the outset.

We often find clients combining passive fire protection with other construction packages such as dry lining. This is problematic as non-experts are designing and installing the passive fire protection and thus create major problems later on in the construction phase or post build. The majority of our rectification work comes from this practise and we always advise clients to use the experts from the outset to deliver the right products and services and ensure full fire integrity.

By using the latest in computer aided design, System Building Services provide a full turnkey passive fire protection solution from initial design and engineering work right through to installation and final reports and integrity checks. We welcome all types of design work and always deliver the most effect solutions for clients.