Diamond Drilling


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System Building Services provide diamond core drilling services allowing us to ensure a fully managed service. By creating the openings that will be fire stopped by our teams, we maintain total control from inception to delivery, giving peace of mind that our expertise is applied throughout the project.

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Diamond drilling is used in the industrial and construction sectors as the gold standard method for drilling holes. By utilising a diamond drill bit, it is possible to drill through most materials quickly and effectively and there are significant advantages compared to conventional drilling.

Diamond drilling is more accurate than conventional drilling ensuring much higher standards in workmanship and a greatly reduced risk of inadvertently causing structural damage. The diamond drill bit punctures the target site and the both the size and depth of the hole can be calibrated. Disposal and cleaning costs are also reduced as diamond drilling produces much less debris and there are further cost savings found in the reduced man-hours required.

Diamond drilling is suitable for dos working environments and produces very little noise or dust. Diamond drilling is therefore suitable for use alongside other workers and processes. Diamond drilling equipment is also lighter than conventional drilling equipment meaning it is much more portable and suitable for difficult situations such as confined spaces and underwater.

System Building Services provide a fully comprehensive diamond drilling service. We offer this as part of a complete passive fire protection package or a standalone service. We can also advise clients on the necessary requirements and optimum workplace to ensure maximum effectiveness.