Fire Rated Collars & Sleeves


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System Building Services provide, advise on and install a full range of fire rated collars and sleeves.
We welcome requests from clients for advisory work, product selection, installation and integrity checking.

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Fire rated collars

Fire Rated Sleeves

Fire Rated Collars

Fire rated collars provide fire protection and fire stopping of plastic pipework where it passes through fire resistant walls and floors enabling the pipes containing services to meet the requirements of building regulations.

The collars are intumescent coated and, once exposed to heat or flame, they quickly expand inwards to squeeze the pipework to collapse thus sealing the aperture. This creates an effective insulation plug and prevents smoke and fire passing through to the adjoining compartment.

Pipe collars range in fire resistance according to the specification required and generally are between 2 - 4 hours resistant. The collars are light and compact, simple to install, require no maintenance and are suitable for a wide range of building types. The pipe collars are designed for surface mounting and can either be fully or semi-cast into masonry floors or walls.

Fire Rated Sleeves

System Building Services provide, advise on and install a full range of fire rated sleeves. Once a hole is made in a fire rated construction for the passage of pipes or services the integrity of the compartment is compromised. Fire rated sleeves prevent fire spreading from one compartment to another where steel, copper and plastic pipes penetrate through fire rated constructions such as ceilings, floors and walls.

Fire rated sleeves are cost effective products for the fire stopping of pipe penetrations and are simple to install. In a fire situation the sleeve expands to fill the available space between the pipe and the penetration and will crush and close off the pipe forming a solid char to prevent the passage of fire and smoke to the adjacent compartment.