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System Building Services are pleased to advise clients on the various intumescent products and uses



PAINTS offer a durable decorative finish

System Building Services are one of the UK’s leading applicators of a full range of intumescent paint products.

Intumescent specialist coatings are the latest technological advance within passive fire protection and benefit from being quick to apply and provide a smooth and durable decorative finish to structural steel, cast iron and wood. Dependent upon the specific requirements, intumescent paints are available as either water based or solvent based coatings.

Intumescent paints can provide up to 120 minutes fire protection on structural steel and help prevent structural failure. Under intense pressure and heat from a fire, intumescent paint is designed to react by expanding up to 50 - 100 times the original coat thickness. Most intumescent paints contain chemicals that produce a foam-like substance on the top when exposed to heat and fire. Upon carbonisation the foam will solidify to a black char which further insulates and protects the integrity of the steel, cast iron or wood surface. The char is a poor conductor of heat and effectively reduces fire spread.

Intumescent paint works in a fire situation by changing its composition from a painted finish to a chemical reaction that produces a carbonaceous char. This layer of char can be over 50 times the thickness of the applied paint.

Intumescent paints are simple to administer by brush, roller or spray and provide a decorative and aesthetically pleasing finish. Higher fire ratings can be achieved through adding thickness in the coatings according to the required specification and building code.

System Building Services are pleased to advise clients on the various intumescent products and uses.