Insulation Boards


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System Building Services provide, advise on and install a full range of insulation boards. Insulation boards are easy to work with, fix and decorate and, due to their composition, they are resistant to the effects of moisture and will not rot or decay.

Wide range of applications

significant carbon
dioxide savings

Exceptional moisture resistance

Insulation boards are made from phenolic foam, a very versatile material that is suitable for a large range of applications where thermal performance, moisture resistance, fire performance and, in certain cases, structural strength are key performance criteria.

The material delivers zero or very low foam spread and negligible smoke emission and a very low level of toxic gas emission. It offers significant carbon dioxide savings compared to other insulation materials and, when combined with composite panels, the foam can achieve a good level of fire protection and meets or exceeds all international building regulation requirements.

Closed cell phenolic foam delivers the lowest thermal conductivity available from any insulation material and supports the reduction of long term energy cost whilst being up to 50% more thermally efficient than other common insulation materials. It also offers exceptional moisture resistance and is highly resistant to the passage of water vapour due to low water vapour permeance and low water absorption. The material is lightweight and strong with an excellent strength/density relationship.