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We approach each project with the determination to solve the main contract issue whilst delivering an exceptional client service and the highest standards in building safety. We are fully capable of supporting a full range of projects from smaller scale to major flagship developments.


delivering cost savings & project efficienciES

ensurING the highest standards in safety

Design & Construction Phase

System Building Services provides a complete pre-tender and design stage consultancy and advisory service for our clients. Through working with clients at the initial stages we are able to focus on correctly designing the work and ensuring optimum product selection to deliver major cost savings and project efficiencies. Clients always benefit from early stage expertise and we have numerous examples of significant savings in costs and time on a range of key and flagship projects.

System Building Services consistently bring the latest innovations to projects and support client teams throughout the project lifecycle. We also advise on and rectify substandard work undertaken by other contractors and always ensure the highest standards in building safety. Rectification work is the least cost efficient method and we would always advise clients to engage passive fire protection experts as early as possible to integrate project efficiencies and cost savings.

Post Construction

Once the building is operational, System Building Services can apply its expertise to maintain the fire integrity of the building by analysing the systems in use and providing comprehensive reports. If required, System Building Services advise on the various products and installations that will bring a building back up to standard and within the latest legislation and regulations whilst ensuring problems won’t be encountered in the future. It is an often overlooked fact that the fire integrity of the building will change over time and, in addition, regulations and legislation also change as technology advances and new problems come to light that previously weren't encountered. It is imperative to speak with experts to ensure a building complies with the latest regulations and legislation and to have previous installations checked.

Some examples of our consultancy and advisory work:

• Initial design phase consultancy to develop cost saving initiatives and project efficiencies.
• Passive fire protection training, Continuing Professional Development and client team support.
• Development and breakdown of key project stages and timelines to support client planning and estimation.
• Generating effective management reports and key criteria checklists in accordance with client’s internal reporting requirements.
• Advising on and integrating Quality Management and Health, Safety and Environment processes.
• Advising on the integration of client processes with the key project variables and checkpoints.
• ‘Fit for Purpose’ checks of other contractor’s work and rectification plans and budget development.
• Total building integrity checks and product advisory.
• Retrofit plans and budget development.
• Setup, installation and training on electronic management applications for fire protection tracking and logging.